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Underground Garage Storm Shelters

For those home and business owners who are limited on space, underground garage storm shelters are an excellent choice since they are designed to utilize space that is already being used by your property. With a variety of size choices and configurations, an underground garage storm shelter could be the best choice for your family.

Since these shelters are installed sitting flush to a concrete floor. They are typically found in garages, but can also be installed in closets or other areas during new construction. Many homeowners in neighborhoods with limited property space opt for underground garage shelters since they are unobtrusive and easy to install.

underground garage storm shelter after installation in a garage
inside picture of a garage storm shelter
car parked above storm shelter in garage

Underground Garage Storm Shelter Information

Underground garage storm shelters, like any other storm shelter, have advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into consideration when making a decision on the type of shelter that is right for you.

At Millennium Shelters, we are dedicated to providing as much information about our shelters as possible, so you can make the best decision. Additionally, we have storm shelter experts available to review your needs and make a recommendation based off of your requirements.


  • Does not require additional space for installation since they install in the existing footprint of your building.
  • Quickly accessible protection within your home or business.
  • Underground shelters are less exposed to the high winds present in a tornado.
  • Can be installed in existing structures with minimal mess.


  • Can be more difficult to enter/exit due to configuration.
  • Shelter door has the potential to become blocked by debris.
  • Potential hazards need to be considered such as the location of your water main.
  • Should be regularly treated with insecticide to prevent unwanted and/or dangerous bugs.

Specifications & Features

Millennium Shelters installs only the highest-quality storm shelters in Oklahoma. The materials used in construction are designed and tested to meet or exceed all FEMA and ICC storm shelter design and testing requirements.

  • 10-gauge Steel Walls
  • 1/4-inch Steel Rolling Doors
  • Reinforced concrete to prevent floating
  • Epoxy outer coating for leak and corrosion protection
  • Adjustable stairs, carpeted benches, and handrail
  • Steps, benches, and handrail are adjustable
  • Front lid is auto-latching and lockable
  • Back lids are removable in an emergency
  • Back door release from inside shelter
  • Built-in ventilation
  • Cable winch hook
  • Over 120-inches of entry air breathing space
  • Tested at Texas Tech Wind Science and Engineering Research Center
  • Debris Impact Testing FEMA 320 & ICC-500, May, 2012

Available Sizes

Underground garage storm shelters come in a variety of sizes to house even the largest of families. Additionally, they are a good choice for small business owners who want to provide protection for employees and customers.

Width Length Depth Capacity
36-inches 72-inches 55-inches 4-6 People
36-inches 96-inches 55-inches 6-8 People
48-inches 72-inches 55-inches 6-8 People
48-inches 96-inches 55-inches 8-10 People
60-inches 96-inches 55-inches 10-12 People

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, underground garage storm shelters are installed in existing homes by cutting through the concrete foundation in your garage.

A typical install takes about five hours.

Yes, the 1/4-inch steel lid has been impact tested at the Texas Tech University Wind Science & Engineering Research Center and meets or exceeds FEMA & ICC requirements.

As long as there is approximately 2-3 feet of space behind the car with the garage door closed, there should be sufficient space to access the shelter.

No. The lid is designed to withstand a 4000 lb wheel weight. No two wheels will be on the lid at the same time. Parking on the lid WILL prevent you from accessing the storm shelter.

Yes, underground garage storm shelters can accommodate pets. Choosing the right size storm shelter for your needs is an important part of selecting the best shelter.

The lid includes a standard vent that sits 1/4-inch above the surface of the shelter. This provides 360-degrees of ventilation.

It is possible for water to get into the shelter because the shelter is not air tight. However, underground garage shelters are installed to prevent water from entering the shelter.

Millennium Shelters only installs the highest quality storm shelters. Our underground garage storm shelters have been tested and are in compliance with FEMA and ICC storm shelter design and testing requirements.

Part of our installation process includes cleaning up the installation area. We ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our install and cleanup when every project is completed.

Our job is to ensure that your storm shelter is installed properly. Part of the project planning process is to ensure that the underground garage storm shelter can be successfully installed in the first place. We will never perform any action that would affect the integrity of your foundation.

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