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Steel Safe Room Storm Shelters

When maximum flexibility is desired, safe room steel storm shelters are the perfect choice. Since safe room shelters are made from hardened steel, they can be customized to fit in any space, or be built to a standard size specification. In fact, safe room storm shelters can be seamlessly integrated into any type of building.

Safe room steel storm shelters are bolted to a concrete slab, which means they are the quickest and easiest type of storm shelter to install. Since safe room shelters can be installed virtually anywhere, they can be seamlessly integrated into new construction and appear as just another room in a home or business.

steel safe room storm shelter installed in an Oklahoma garage
Oklohoma home with a steel safe room
inside of a steel storm shelter

Steel Safe Room Storm Shelter Information

When choosing any type of storm shelter, the advantages and disadvantages should be considered to ensure that the shelter your choose is the best fit for your needs.

At Millennium Shelters, we are experts in dealing with steel safe room storm shelters and are available to answer any questions that you may have. Additionally, we are dedicated to providing you with the information you need to make the right choice.


  • Most easily accessible storm shelter option.
  • Quick installation process saves on installation costs.
  • Can be integrated directly into new construction.
  • Sizing can be customized.
  • Can double as a panic room when installed inside a building.


  • Exposed to high winds and debris impact since they are above ground.
  • If installed within a building, debris could block exit path.

Specifications & Features

Millennium Shelters installs only the highest-quality storm shelters in Oklahoma. The materials used in construction are designed and tested to meet or exceed all FEMA and ICC storm shelter design and testing requirements.

We will be updating our steel safe room shelter information shortly. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Available Sizes

Steel safe rooms come in both standard sizes and can also be built to customized specifications. They are the best option for those who desire the quickest and most easily accessible storm shelter.

Please contact us for current steel safe room storm shelter information, as well as custom sizing requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, steel safe rooms are attached to your existing foundation by hardened bolts. The shelter is moved into place and then securely attached to the foundation.

Yes. When planning your storm shelter project, please ensure that you remember to choose a storm shelter that has additional space for your pets.

Millennium Shelters only installs the highest quality storm shelters. Each steel safe room is constructed of high-quality materials and built to meet or exceed FEMA and ICC guidelines for construction and testing of storm shelters.

A steel safe room is one of the quickest and easiest storm shelters to install. Additionally, our installation crews cleanup any dust or debris that is produced from the installation process.

We ensure that the installation of your storm shelter is performed properly. Prior to installation, we ensure that there will be no actions taken that could compromise the integrity of your foundation.

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