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Outdoor Concrete Storm Shelters

Outdoor concrete storm shelters are a popular option for individuals and businesses that may need a large capacity storm shelter solution or desire a shelter that is independent of their home or business. When quick and easy installation is required and/or modification of an existing structure is not an option, outdoor concrete storm shelters are the best choice.

The larger capacity concrete storm shelters are perfect for organizations and businesses, such as educational institutions, churches, and locations where people gather in significant numbers. A group of centrally located, high-capacity shelters can provide an easily accessible safe haven for a large number of people in an emergency situation.

an Oklahoma outdoor concrete storm shelter ready for installation
an outdoor concrete storm shelter after install
in ground storm shelter

Outdoor Concrete Storm Shelter Information

When considering an outdoor concrete storm shelter, it is important to learn about all the advantages and disadvantages that may be associated with one.

At Millennium Shelters, we are dedicated to providing as much information about our shelters as possible, so you can make the best decision. As always, our storm shelter experts are available to help provide additional information and offer suggestions and guidance to make your decision easier.


  • Can be extremely quick and easy to install.
  • Does not require modification of existing structure(s) on property to install since the shelter is an independent structure.
  • Underground shelters are less exposed to the high winds present in a tornado.
  • Construction methods allow for larger sizes and capacity needs.
  • Sloped front eases entry/egress of underground storm shelters.


  • Can take more time to safely enter shelter depending on location relative to living/office space.
  • Should be regularly treated with insecticide to prevent unwanted and/or dangerous bugs.
  • Concrete storm shelters should have waterproofing applied prior to installation due to the porous nature of concrete, which creates additional expense.

Specifications & Features

Millennium Shelters installs only the highest-quality storm shelters in Oklahoma. The materials used in construction are designed and tested to meet or exceed all FEMA and ICC storm shelter design and testing requirements.

  • Double handrail on steps
  • Gas operated door closer
  • 8″ wide turbine for ventilation
  • 6″ vent
  • Steel-reinforced concrete
  • Minimum of 6000-psi concrete

Available Sizes

Outdoor concrete storm shelters are among the largest available shelters on the market. They are an excellent choice for businesses and educational institutions that need to provide shelter for large groups of people.

Width Length Depth Capacity
60-inches 84-inches 74-inches 6-8 People
72-inches 96-inches 74-inches 8-10 People
80-inches 120-inches 74-inches 12-14 People

Frequently Asked Questions

No. It is extremely important to call all utilities companies prior to beginning excavation. We will ensure that your shelter is installed properly, without issues.

A typical install takes about five hours.

Yes, the 1/4-inch steel lid has been impact tested at the Texas Tech University Wind Science & Engineering Research Center and meets or exceeds FEMA & ICC requirements.

Yes, as long as the proper size is selected when planning your outdoor concrete storm shelter, there will be plenty of room for your pets.

Since the shelter is not air tight, there is a potential for water to enter the shelter, but it is unlikely. Concrete is porous by nature, which means water can eventually penetrate the walls, but with a proper installation, we can ensure that water can properly drain away from your storm shelter, preventing water seepage.

Millennium Shelters only installs the highest quality storm shelters. Like all of our shelters, our concrete storm shelters are test to meet or exceed both FEMA and ICC storm shelter design and testing requirements.

Our installation process includes the cleanup of the installation area. Outdoor concrete storm shelters may create some additional issues, depending on the installation location (like torn up grass) that will be identified and discussed prior to your shelter being installed.

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